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Firts World Vision in Streaming. October, 6 h. 09:00 PM CET

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Official Trailer
This film is in Italian, subtitled in English.

How can you see the movie?

  • The film is in Italian, subtitled in English.
  • To be able to attend the vision you need to register.
  • After watching the film, the author will be available to the public.There will be present guests who have collaborated in the production of the film.
  • The event will end at 23.30 on October 6th.

# October 6 will be streamed.

# On November 11, the film will be broadcast in Turin, in the meeting with Jean Jacques Marie, the most important historian of the Russian Revolution, organized by the Fourth International Reconstruction Organization Committee.

# Then the film will be distributed in various modes.

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# Learn more at this site.

First trailer (without speaker)

Direction, narrative, editing:

Alberto Pian


He collaborated in the historical story:

Katia Solamito


Narrator Voice:

Alessandro Loi


English version:

Marco Frediani



Bettina Egger




for historical advice:

J.Jacques Marie

C.E.M.T.R.I, Paris

Cercles du Cahiers du mouvement ouvrièr

Lorenzo Varaldo


for pronunciation:

Alessio Bergamo


for control and tips:

Enzo Bellini

Enrico De Palma

Ugo Falace

Philippe Marcelé

Maurizio Marra

Carlo Torre



Without the support and enthusiasm of my wife Federica, this work would not have been possible.

Drwing of the artist Bettina Egger for this film